Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A blog by any other name...

Just in case anyone's curious - the brief reason for the name of this blog.

Hatushili was a real person. In fact, he was the greatest of Hittite kings (unless you want to argue that it was Suppiluliumas). No, I didn't choose the name out of arrogance! I chose the name because for many years skeptics of the Bible believed the Hittites to be a figment of the Bible's imagination. No serious scholar believed there ever were such people as the Hittites.

But then Hatusha was discovered, and more and more information continued to come to light as the archaeologists dug and dug. It is now known that for a brief time in world history, the Hittites shared super-power status with Egypt, and Egypt alone. Short-lived, yes. Imaginary, no. In their time, the Hittites were an awesome force. So in using the name Hatushili I'm consciously reminding myself of a few things:

1) The importance of archaeological work (check out these guys, for example).

2) The nature of faith - it's not always supported by the 'facts' as science presently knows them.

3) The value of knowing the history and culture of the various people groups of the Bible.


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